• Westbrook Park

    The 206 trail weaves through branches of a large fallen tree.

    The 206 trail weaves through branches of a large fallen tree.

    Trail System Description

    After nearly four years of hard work and over 1000 volunteer hours logged, eight loops of singletrack trail at Westbrook Park have been constructed. Riding all trails will result in a 6.3 mile lap. These trails were designed with sustainability and user experience in mind meaning lots of curves, gentle grades, good flow, and easy wayfinding. The system offers many trails that are beginner friendly with lesser technical challenge and minimal elevation change but more skilled riders can still appreciate a smattering of features on the blue trails.

    Temporary signage has been installed marking each loop and its difficulty rating until more permanent signage can be put in place. Trail blazes engraved with the trail number and difficulty rating can be found along the loops and were manufactured/donated by Custom-Pak in DeWitt. See the trail map for suggested riding direction (counterclockwise).

    The trails are marked frequently with blazes. Donated by Custom-Pak in DeWitt

    The trails are marked frequently with blazes. Donated by Custom-Pak in DeWitt

    The Trails

    101 - Beginner - 1.45 mi - The 101 loop generally traverses the south and east perimeter of the park and is the main gateway to all other trail loops.. There is a short climb 0.3 mi after crossing the Silver Creek bridge (going in a CCW direction) but minimal elevation gain through the rest of the loop. There are plenty of areas routed through tight woodlands featuring gentle sweeping turns.

    102 - Beginner - 0.71 mi - The 102 loop begins by following the eastern boundary of the park before turning back along the the slopes of Silver Creek. Along the creek riders will encounter a short descent and climb, flowy turns, and gently rolling terrain.

    201 - Intermediate - 0.64 mi - The 201 loop snakes through the southwestern corner of the park and begins with a gentle climb to the top of a plateau. Once on top, the trail winds its way through open woodlands with minimal elevation change, transitions to a short turn packed descent, through a small ravine/stream crossing, and finishes along the banks of an undulating watershed.

    202 - Intermediate - 0.57 mi - The 202 loop starts as a short climb to the top of a small bluff that overlooks the lowlands surrounding Silver Creek. Next comes a short zig-zagging descent down a gentle watershead towards a small feeder creek and follows it upstream to the south. Moderate rolling terrain with sweeping corners eventually get you back to the top of the hill and reconnect with 101.

    Stream crossing on the 206 trail.

    Stream crossing on the 206 trail.

    203 - Intermediate - 0.51 mi - 203 hugs the east property line and features a number of rollers & berms and tight meandering trail through dense stands of smaller trees.

    204 - Intermediate - 0.63 mi - The 204 climbs its way to the top of a small bluff and then descends into a low grassland along a swoopy benched trail with a few fun features along the way. From there it's a zig-zag fest through the grass, including a few obstacles, and finishes off with two culvert crossings.

    205 - Intermediate - 0.40 mi - The 205 loop traces the slopes of an eroded watershed in the central region of the park and features tight climbing turns, numerous steeper undulations, and a mix of tight woodland trail (pick your lines well).

    206 - Intermediate/Expert - 1.56 mi - / The 206 trail was designed for a more technical riding experience. Tighter corners, narrower trail, rougher terrain, and more climbing (still not much). It also features a stream crossing; use caution when the water is high. Berms, drops, and log overs can be expected on this loop with more features to come.

    Trail Map

    Westbrook Park trail map.
    Click to enlarge.


    From the QC area:

    • Take US-61 North and exit at mile marker 311B towards DeWitt (~15 mi from I-80 interchange)
    • Turn Right on 11th Street and go 0.3 mi
    • Turn Right on Westbrook Drive
    • Go 0.4 mi to trailhead parking lot to the south of ball diamonds.

    Chunky section of trail on the 206 loop.

    Chunky section of trail on the 206 loop.

    Project Updates

    10/17: The 204 loop was finished and officially concludes major trail building at Westbrook!

    5/17: The 203 loop is open!

    12/22/16: The 204 loop has been flagged and is on the list for the 2017 building season. This section descends into flat low lying terrain where it gets twisty.

    4/6/16: The 203 loop has been flagged and will be a priority during the 2016 building season. Many exciting features, unseen on the rest of the trails at the park, will be incorporated into this loop.

    3/14/16: The 206 loop is officially complete. A few finishing touches are needed but it will be ready to ride once the ground hardens up.

    10/31/15: A large turnout from a local Eagle Scout project helped us knock out a lot of trail on 206 even though the weather conditions were less than ideal. The entire trail is cleared and 90% of the dirt work is done but it probably won't be ready for tires until spring 2016.

    8/22/15: Work has begun on the 206 loop. This trail will add another 1.5 miles to the system and is expected to be completed around the middle of 2016.

    6/19/15: The 202 loop is open and ready for tires. This trail brings the total system length up to 3.4 miles.

    11/6/14: Layout of the 202 loop was started.

    10/17/14: The 201 loop is now open for use. A bridge still needs to be built but a suitable bypass is currently in place. This addition brings the total amount of new trail to 2.8 miles.

    8/18/14: The 201 loop was laid out and readied for clearing.

    8/9/14: The 205 loop is now officially open but a few tweaks are still needed. Total trail mileage is now up to 2.3 miles. Semi-permanent signs were installed designating trail numbers and riding direction.

    6/28/14: 205 loop is nearing completion with only a few hundred more yards of trail left to finish. This loop will add around 0.5 miles of trail to the exiting 2 mile loop.

    6/25/14: Began flagging the 206 loop. This loop will add 1 to 1.5 miles of trail to the system and feature more technically challenging trail.

    4/26/14: The 102 loop is fully connected with the 101 loop giving around 2 miles of rideable trail on the property. On the very north end of the 102 loop use the blacktop path until the new footbridge is installed. This could be as soon as fall 2014.

    11/23/13: Work on the 102 loop is progressing well, but the freezing ground will prevent more trail building until spring.

    11/2/13: The first loop (#101) has been completed!

    8/21/13: Dewitt Observer Article - Evolution of mountain bike trails on track, volunteers needed. 5/11/13: First shovels touched dirt and 200 yards of trail was built.

    Want to volunteer?

    More trail is on the way but we still need your help. If you are interested in helping with trail building or donating to the project please contact Dave Deke or the Dewitt Parks and Recreation Department at (563) 659-5127. Announcements of trail work days will be posted in the Westbrook forum as well as on our FORC Facebook page.

    Volunteers from Black Cat Blades posing with their Trail Crew shirts
    On 9/20/13 the crew from Black Cat Blades volunteered their time to help build trail and even had their own matching "Trail Crew" shirts!

    Westbrook Trails in the News

    Freshly built trail at Westbrook.

    Freshly built trail at Westbrook.

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  • MTB Trail Etiquette

    • Ride Open Trails: Respect trail and road closures — ask a land manager for clarification if you are uncertain about the status of a trail. Do not trespass on private land. Obtain permits or other authorization as required. Be aware that bicycles are not permitted in areas protected as state or federal Wilderness.

    • Leave No Trace: Be sensitive to the dirt beneath you. Wet and muddy trails are more vulnerable to damage than dry ones. When the trail is soft, consider other riding options. This also means staying on existing trails and not creating new ones. Don't cut switchbacks. Be sure to pack out at least as much as you pack in.

    • Control Your Bicycle: Inattention for even a moment could put yourself and others at risk. Obey all bicycle speed regulations and recommendations, and ride within your limits.

    • Yield Appropriately: Do your utmost to let your fellow trail users know you're coming — a friendly greeting or bell ring are good methods. Try to anticipate other trail users as you ride around corners. Bicyclists should yield to other non-motorized trail users, unless the trail is clearly signed for bike-only travel. Bicyclists traveling downhill should yield to ones headed uphill, unless the trail is clearly signed for one-way or downhill-only traffic. In general, strive to make each pass a safe and courteous one.

    • Never Scare Animals: Animals are easily startled by an unannounced approach, a sudden movement or a loud noise. Give animals enough room and time to adjust to you. When passing horses, use special care and follow directions from the horseback riders (ask if uncertain). Running cattle and disturbing wildlife are serious offenses.

    • Plan Ahead: Know your equipment, your ability and the area in which you are riding and prepare accordingly. Strive to be self-sufficient: keep your equipment in good repair and carry necessary supplies for changes in weather or other conditions. Always wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear.