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    Sylvan Island

    The Sylvan Island trails are currently inaccessible without a boat and FORC is no longer able to maintain them. The city of Moline closed the pedestrian bridge providing access to the island portion of the park when critical structural problems were found during a routine inspection. The island will likely remain "bridgeless" for the next few years while the city of Moline pursues funding to build a replacement bridge.

    Sylvan Island Park is a great urban trail system located in Moline, Illinois just 3/4 mile West of the John Deere Commons and the iWireless Center (formerly the Mark of the Quad Cities). The island was once home to a steel mill from which remnants can still be seen such as concrete loading docks and building foundations, railroad tracks, rebar, and loose rock. Despite few elevation changes, the unique nature of the islandís trails makes Sylvan Island Park a fun yet challenging and technical place to ride. The soil composition at Sylvan Island allows for quick drying after precipitation often making it the first available trail system to ride in the Quad Cities following rain. Sylvan Island is always the first venue for the I-74 Mountain Bike Race Series because of its resilient riding conditions.

    Sylvan Island is also a favored fishing area because of its prime location between the Mississippi River and Sylvan Slough.

    The Ben Butterworth Parkway bike path which extends from Rock Island, IL to Savannah, IL along the Mississippi River passes the entrance to Sylvan Island and can be followed roughly one mile East to the Moline Centre downtown or 1.5 miles West to the Rock Island District where visitors can enjoy a number of restaurants, pubs and gift shops. Please visit or for more information.

    Directions: Take 1st Street North (toward the river) from River Drive, Moline, travel one block, turn right (East) and the park parking area is on the left.

    Trail Map: Download the Sylvan Island Trail Map (pdf).