Phase I of the Dorrance Trail System is complete!

Firstly, I would like to thank all the volunteers who rolled up their sleeves and will have contributed over 1000 hours this past year clearing brush, moving dirt, packing in thousands of pounds of concrete/lumber, and generally busting ass to get this trail system going. Every hour counts, is appreciated, and will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Trail Information
The first (beginner/green) loop is ~1.6 miles in length with a couple of moderate climbs/descents along the way and is a similar style to Illiniwek with berms, gentle grades, sweeping turns, and open sight lines. Signage has not yet been installed but the loop is simple to follow and marked with stake flags where confusion could arise. A bypass trail allows the loop to be roughly halved in length. The trailhead kiosk will have a map and trail information posted shortly. Trail direction has not yet been established so ride both ways while you can and follow proper yielding etiquette.

Is It Open to Ride?
As soon as the trail dries out from the recent rain it will be open for use. There is not yet an on-site trail closure sign so follow the homepage trail status App in the meantime.

Grand Opening Event
On Sunday May 7th there will be a grand opening event for the Dorrance trails starting at 10am. More info about this is posted here.

What's Next?
Phase II (blue/intermediate loop) has been flagged and approved for construction. We'll begin clearing corridor in the next week. Keep an eye out for announcements if you want to help.