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Thread: LT conditions?

  1. Default LT conditions?

    Has anyone tried riding LT lately?

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    I wish! As far as I know it really hasn't been ridable for over a year now. It never opened last spring because of all the rain, then was completely wiped by the July 21st derecho that blew through here. I don't think anyone has had the time/energy/motivation to go out there and clear all the trees! Maybe someone else has a more recent picture of what it's like out there?

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    Where is it located?

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    in illinois near muscatine and andalusia

    if anyone wants to go out and work on the trails, i'd help! i love it out there! just look at the terrain--nothing like it near here. i've always envisioned an imba epic trail 30-50 miles of singletrack. it'll be a lot of work though!

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    Never done trail maintenance but I'm up for it.

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    I ran through this winter moving branches and logs a few times and ran a lap in May. It is in terrible shape. I think the DNR or some of the lumber company's moved some of the large logs... but between the erosion and the horses... Well, I just figured the people at FORC wrote it off in favor of Sunderbruch... at least there you can somewhat keep the horses off the trails. (though i'm seeing a lot of horse crap on the trails as of late at Sunderbruch).

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    we should pick a day and go out there

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    Quote Originally Posted by konabiker View Post
    we should pick a day and go out there
    Im down as long as its int Aug., July is booked

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    aug is just around the corner
    let's pick a weekend and get out there
    i'm out aug 8 and aug 30

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    I went over to LT yesterday. Didn't even consider biking it. I ran a lap just to see how bad it was.... I think I can answer the question "what happened to the great mayan civilzation?" Horses.

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