The indoor BMX racing is happening again at the QCCA expo center. Registration and Practice starts at 5:30, races start at 7:00pm and race entry is $15.00 or you can guy a full day pass. MUST HAVE HELMETS AND KNEES AND ELBOWS MUST BE COVERED. LONG SHIRT LONG PANTS RECOMMENDED, PADS MAY BE A GOOD IDEA AS THIS IS OLD SCHOOL, FLAT CONCRETE CORNER, BMX STYLE RACING.The promoter has graciously agreed to let us run our fatties if we show up. They can place up to 8 bikes at a time, winner gets to be a big shotfor an evening. This is for fun only and most who show aren't interested in winning, just having a blast!! Spectators are free- come and watch, but maybe throw the bike in the vehicle just in case... Prolly shoot over to the new brewery across the street when we're done. More info at the link below.

Hope to see you there!