We are benching trail on the blue loop this Sunday starting at 2pm. Meeting in the upper clearing at the end of the fire road that goes uphill near the picnic shelter. We'll be working on the southeast section of the blue loop. If you arrive late, head up the doubletrack path on the east side of the clearing and turn right at the pink flagging ribbon on the trees. Follow the singletrack until you find us. We'll be working with rogue hoes and flat shovels and I'll have a few spares to lend out.

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Progress Update:
We have about 400 yds of trail completed so far with quite a few rollers and berms built along the way. The terrain has been steep and rollers/berms eat up man hours so progress has been relatively slow. The plan is to have the southeast section completed and open for riding soon (1-2 months?). It will be accessed temporarily by riding fire road & doubletrack until the remaining sections are completed. Some photos of what we've been working on: