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    I'm also not able to add an avatar when I click 'edit avatar'. Can you help?

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    You should be able to add it now.

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    Hey Steve,
    Do you have to reset each individuals account so they can 'undo' the reset button in order to add an avatar?
    I would like to add one as well. Thanks man!!!


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    Yep, I have to manually add FORC members to the group manually... You should be able to add an avatar now!

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    Hey, I'd like to have an avatar toooooooo

    Usually last. But not always....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gringo View Post
    Hey, I'd like to have an avatar toooooooo

    You paid your dues yo? If not, get with Dirt! If so, let me know and I'll fix it up.

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    I just became a supporting member at the Forc Festival/Chili Cook-off - can I have an Avatar?
    It's all about pressure on the pedals!!

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    See if you can upload an avatar now...

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