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Thread: Sylvan Monday 3/19

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    Default Sylvan Monday 3/19

    Looks as though the rain is going to hold off long enough this afternoon, so I plan on being on the Island around 4:30. Fairly fast paced for 10-15 miles.

    Race is less than 4 weeks away.
    "Start and end at a brewery, and a very cool snow and Ice urban/cross country, lake ride in between with flasks ful of Krakin... YAH MON!!!!" - Vibrato

    "Every one of you should ride a bike and be yourself. I really and truly believe that bikes make the world better, and that anyone who spends some time getting used to life on the saddle will find that it makes their life and the world that their life is locked to, better; in almost every way." -Gern Blanston, Surly Bikes

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    I'll follow you until I get winded. So like half a mile or so

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    Thanks for letting me try to tail you guys. I figured out I'm really fat and out of shape. Please continue to post up so I can try to hang with you guys one of these days.

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