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Thread: 2012 Trek Superfly AL Elite or Superfly 100 AL Elite?

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    Yep, spend $5000 on a bike but I won't spend $150 on my head!


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    Gotta $40 head, buya $40 helmet!


    ps. Last year's high dollar helmet sells at year end at mucho discounto.
    "I've spent half of my life riding a bike, the other half I wasted!"

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    Ok, tried to post on "Let's Ride" but got a message that I need 5 posts in order to create a new thread and currently have 2 so guess I will post here and see if anyone notices and can repost this for me.

    Weather looks great tomorrow, Tuesday 4/17 so I am looking to be at Sylvan by 4:30pm to ride it for the first time on my new bike that currently has 5 miles to it's name so hopefully will see some people out there.

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    Default Scotch 2228 Waterproof Electrical Tape...not just for electricians anymore!!

    Just wanted to share my new chainstay protection I completed after reviewing many options online. I think it turned out nice and will see how it lasts. Regardless, it was about $5 with tax for a 4 foot roll from Lowe's which was perfect as I used all but about 4 inches of the roll.
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    That looks great, can't wait to see how it holds up!

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