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Thread: LAMBA Part A! Sat. Feb. 18th 6-9pm

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    Default LAMBA Part A! Sat. Feb. 18th 6-9pm

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    Do you like riding your bike on soft / natural surface trails? Of course you do, we all do!

    Many times we hear folks ask where when and how we can have more singletrack trails... well, come support the group who is making it happen... the Linn Area Mt. Bike Association (LAMBA)!

    LAMBA has been working hard since 2006 to provide singletrack trail opportunities in our area... it's good clean (actually kinda dirty) healthy FUN.

    LAMBA does all this for free, but it is NOT free... this awesome advocacy group has operating expenses including but not limited to: insurance, equipment, maintenance, fuel, signs, event costs, etc. the list goes on and on..............

    These passionate volunteers need your support. Join the cause... sign up to help and or make a donation, but most importantly, have FUN!

    The event will be family-friendly. Food provided by LAMBA and Brewed Awakenings. Drink provided by LAMBA and New Belgium & Fleck Sales. Swag / prizes provided by LAMBA, EcoLips, Hall Bicycle, and Northtowne Cycling & Fitness.

    LAMBA Membership Drive Party
    Saturday, February 18th 6-9pm
    EcoLips space in the Cherry Bldg.
    329 10th Avenue SE, Suite 204
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401


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    Who wants to go? I have heard interest and may be able to go up for the evening.
    "Start and end at a brewery, and a very cool snow and Ice urban/cross country, lake ride in between with flasks ful of Krakin... YAH MON!!!!" - Vibrato

    "Every one of you should ride a bike and be yourself. I really and truly believe that bikes make the world better, and that anyone who spends some time getting used to life on the saddle will find that it makes their life and the world that their life is locked to, better; in almost every way." -Gern Blanston, Surly Bikes

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