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  • Spring Trail Conditions

    The weather over the last week has been awesome but the trails are still closed. Why is this you may be asking?

    Dirt trails are extremely sensitive to rut damage during this time of the year. The soil is still saturated from snow melt and the receding frost line. This extra water turns the trails into the consistency of pudding. Riding or even walking on them in this state can cause severe erosion issues during rain events because it disrupts the water shedding properties built into the trail. It may also lead to longer trail closures once they do open because a rutted trail holds water longer and drys slower. FORC volunteers then have to regrade the trail surface to correct the problem.

    Please be patient and let the trails do their thing over the next few weeks. Ride the local hard surface trails and roads in the meantime to take advantage of this great weather. Our trail volunteers will thank you!

  • Illiniwek Berm Projects

    Phase II Funding Progress
    [Goal: $1350]
    $1350 (100%)

    We are there! The total amount needed for this project, $2350, has been donated in less than a month! Thank you again to everyone who has contributed! Without your support this project may have never left the planning stage. We will continue to post updates as we make progress.
    Want to see these kind of features on Illiniwek trails in the near future? Read below to find out how you can help!

    Elevated turning platform with berm. Ground level wooden berm. Small curved bridge with berm.

    We are undertaking an ambitious trail project at Illiniwek and we need your help! In a nutshell, this project will eliminate the steep south loop climb and replace it with a sustainable (and more fun) trail. This new section of trail will include four wooden structures like those pictured above.

    We need your help to raise funds to purchase materials for these structures. Total costs are estimated to be $2350.

    We have meet our Phase I funding goal of $1000 with a week to spare! Thank you all who donated! We have already put this to use by purchasing posts which will start being installed Sunday 11/16.

    We are starting the next round of fund raising early and are already off to a great start. The goal is to raise $1350, or similar value material donations, by January 17th to keep the project on track.

    More information about this project and updates will be posted here: IFP South Loop Reroute Project Feel free to post questions and comments.

    Have materials you can donate to the cause? Click here to view the project materials list (pdf).

    Click to donate using PayPal.
  • Night Riding

    The days are getting shorter and weekday riding opportunities are fading. Below are the current policies of local parks regarding night riding and after dark trail closures.

    • Sunderbruch: Night riding is allowed at all hours. Park in the lot outside the main gates to avoid getting locked in!
    • Illiniwek: Night riding is not allowed unless officially recognized by the park. Subject to ticket/fine if caught. Trails open dawn to dusk.
    • Westbrook Park: Night riding is not allowed unless officially recognized by the park. Trails open dawn to dusk.
    • Scott County Park: Night riding is not allowed. Subject to ticket/fine if caught. Trails open sunrise to sunset.
    • Sylvan Island: Night riding not allowed. Trails open from 6 am to sunset.

  • WBP Trailwork

    Installing new semi-permanent signage at Westbrook Park.

    New semi-permanent signage being installed at WBP.

    UPDATE (10/17/14): The 201 loop is now fully connected to the 101 loop and ready for tires! This brings the total amount of singletrack at the park up to 2.8 miles. We are working on flagging out the next loop which when completed should add another 3/4 mile.

    Trail is still being constructed at Westbrook Park. FORC has partnered with the City of Dewitt to design, build, and maintain a system of singletrack trail at the park for use by mountain bikes as well as hikers and other foot traffic.

    Four loops (101, 102, 201, & 205) are now signed and open for riding which brings the total amount of new trail to 2.8 miles. However, we still need your help! Keep an eye on the Westbrook Park sub forum and the FORC Facebook page for announcements of upcoming trail work days. Also, a big thank you to all the volunteers who have already put their sweat into the trail system!

    Want to know more about Westbrook? Check out the Westbrook Park trail page. Here you can find trail related information and trail building updates.

  • Sylvan Island Bridge Closure

    Update (10/7/14): Moline approves funding for phase 1 of bridge construction: environmental study. The study is estimated to take 6-9 months.

    Update (4/12/14): Moline has secured $1.14M for construction of a new bridge at Sylvan Island. More details here.

    Update (9/10/13): Missman Inc. Structural Assessment of Sylvan Island Bridge (PDF 5.1 MB)

    UPDATE: A few articles with details about yesterdays Park Board Meeting concerning the Sylvan Island bridge.


    The city of Moline has deemed the bridge providing access to the Sylvan Island natural area and trail network structurally unsound and unsafe for public use. Gates have been erected blocking access to the island via the bridge. The trails on the island and the island itself will remain open to the public but will only be accessible by boat.

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